Multipurpose Eco Cloth

Body Wash Towels

size : 32cm x 85cm(12” x 34” ) -4 layered-

The Body Wash Towels are 100% naturally made with no dyes or chemicals used during production. The persimmon and charcoal towels are also naturally anti-odor.

Bath Towels

size : 65cm x 128cm(26” x 50” ) -6 layered-

Our Bath Towels are 100% naturally made. They feature a unique weave that is exclusive to Japan and are made without any dyes or chemicals. The persimmon and charcoal towels naturally absorb odor. Ideal for after the bath or shower.

Bath Mat

size :
Regular size : 45cm x 60cm (18"x24") 10-layered
Large size : 50cm x 70cm (20"x30") 10-layered
*Keep the bath room clean every day

Our unique bath mat features 10 layers of material. It is incredibly water absorbent and quick to dry. The mat is made with 100% natural materials. The binchotan and persimmon mats are anti-odor, making them especially ideal for bathroom use.

| Regular size |

| Large size |


size : 45cmx65cm(18” x 26” ) -4 layered-
*Keep the bath room clean every day

Introducing our Pillowcases, Nawrap's very first bedding product! They feature a very soft weave that is gentle and comfortable for sleeping. All cases contain no dyes or chemicals, and the binchotan and persimmon variations are naturally anti-odor.